Science More Able and Talented Day

The Science department recently ran an event for More Able and Talented pupils.  The day, co-ordinated by Mrs Padfield and Miss Holt was on the topic of Health.

Year 9 pupils Mark Barrion, Micheal Bear, Ryan Biscocho, Sami Bryant, Kristin Bryce, Kathryn Davies, Zoe Fulbrook, Zaid Hammoudeh, Bethan Pembridge, Yancy Sun, Wah Tsui and Will Taylor took part supported by year 10 pupils Amy Brown, Charlotte Pritchard, Aaron Parsons and Arwel Poacher.

The pupils were divided in two groups. One group focused on the merits of Homeopathy and the validity of its claims of success in treating people and the other on the Bill Gates Foundation which is a charity that aims to alleviate health problems in areas of great poverty.

The results of there work can be seen here – please click to download the full file.

HomeopathyBill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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New Brainiac Sessions

Brainiac is back in September with more experiments and out of class science.
Look out for upcoming news on past and future experiments.

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New Rooms

Just to let everyone know, Dr Jones and I have changed rooms to Rm49 and 50. So don’t forget to change your timetables and turn up on time for lessons at our new rooms.

Mr Browne

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New Science Webpage

This is the new science webpage for Y Pant. We are currently in the process of building the site and it will be up and running for use in September.

Mr Browne

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